Explore the Business of Bitcoin

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After successful events in Berlin and New York earlier this year, Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo is teaming up with the Israeli Bitcoin Association to travel to Tel Aviv on October 19-20! Join us as developers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawmakers, researchers and Bitcoin experts converge to tackle the hardest issues facing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our agenda will include a wide variety of topics such as cybersecurity, economics, regulation, mining, startups, academics and more. What are the latest technologies being deployed in the Bitcoin space? How can academic research extend Bitcoin’s functionality and help it scale? How is the global regulation and merchant adoption shaping up for 2014?

Be sure to attend Inside Bitcoins Tel Aviv to hear exciting startups exhibit their projects, and meet with other Bitcoin enthusiasts, bitcoin traders and bitcoin freaks from around the globe!

Who Should Attend

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Anyone with a vested interest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, including:

· Private equity, corporate, angel and venture capital investors

· Founders of early stage and emerging growth companies
· Brick-and-mortar merchants and online retailers
· Daily deal and group buying networks
· Credit and loyalty solution providers
· Banks and financial institutions
· People interested in Bitcoin Casinos
· Data and payment processors
· Security solution providers
· Financial professionals
· Academic researchers
· Legal professionals
· Entrepreneurs
· Consultants
· Developers

Sessions include:

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· Bitcoin, present and future (joint research with the Bank of Israel)
· Ethereum and the power of abstraction in human history
· TREZOR to answer Bitcoin’s security challenges
· The Bitcoin apocalypse – technological threats
· The legal landscape of Bitcoin
· Deep dive into colored coins
· Mining our way to the future
· Israel as a Bitcoin empire
· Banking and Bitcoin
· Bitcoin in academia